Case Study: Abrams Tank Platforms


Effortless Abrams Tank Maintenance: SafeSmart Access Custom Work Stand Platform

At SafeSmart Access, we understand the challenges faced by military maintenance crews, and that’s why we’re proud to unveil our custom-designed work stand platform. This innovative platform streamlines Abrams tank maintenance tasks, prioritizing both efficiency and safety for your crew.

Effortless Height Adjustments: Power Up Your Maintenance

Say goodbye to cumbersome hand cranks! The SafeSmart Access work stand platform boasts a revolutionary cordless driver worm drive with a unique X board style design. This ingenious system eliminates manual cranking, allowing for effortless height adjustments with just the push of a button. The cordless design offers unmatched flexibility, freeing your crew from the constraints of power outlets and extension cords, empowering maintenance tasks anywhere on the depot grounds.

This translates to:

  • Effortless Operation: No more wasted time or energy cranking the platform. Cordless driver ensures smooth and quick adjustments.
  • Unmatched Flexibility: Cordless design eliminates dependence on outlets, maximizing workspace freedom.

Safe and Stable Access: Introducing the AdjustaStairs Advantage

SafeSmart Access doesn’t just elevate your work platform, we elevate safety standards. Our signature AdjustaStairs seamlessly integrate with the platform, featuring self-leveling treads that automatically adjust to uneven surfaces. This ensures a safe and stable ascent and descent for your crew, even on rough terrain around the depot.

Here’s how it benefits you:

  • Self-Leveling Treads: AdjustaStairs automatically adapt to uneven surfaces, preventing slips and falls.
  • Seamless Integration: Stairs perfectly match the platform for a secure and comfortable transition.

Built to Withstand the Toughest Tasks: Durability You Can Trust

The SafeSmart Access work stand platform isn’t just about convenience; it’s built to endure. Constructed from heavy-duty welded aluminum, the platform boasts a remarkable 1,000-pound safe working load capacity. Whether you’re tackling major engine work or intricate track adjustments, this platform provides a sturdy and reliable base for any Abrams tank maintenance task.

You can count on:

  • Heavy-Duty Aluminum Construction: Built to last, the platform can handle even the most demanding jobs.
  • 1,000 lb Safe Working Load Capacity: Provides ample support for any Abrams tank maintenance requirement.


SafeSmart’s 5 Steps to Success

SafeSmart Access follows a proven five-step process to ensure customer satisfaction. Let’s see how this process played out in the development of the Abrams Tank work stand platform:

  1. Consultation: SafeSmart Access worked closely with the Depot team to understand their specific needs and requirements for the tank maintenance platform.
  2. Design: Based on the consultation, SafeSmart Access engineers designed a custom platform that met the depot’s exact specifications.
  3. Fabrication: The platform was fabricated using high-quality materials and precision welding techniques.
  4. Delivery and Installation: SafeSmart Access delivered the platform to the depot and provided installation and training for the depot’s personnel.
  5. Support: SafeSmart Access offers ongoing support to the Depot to ensure the continued safe and effective operation of the platform.

SafeSmart Access is committed to providing innovative and safe access solutions for the military, construction, and other industries. Contact SafeSmart Access today to learn more about their custom work platform solutions.

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