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Crossover Walkway Systems


AdaptaStep fills the gap between multiple component-based systems that require time-consuming and costly assembly, and ‘cookie cutter’ systems that force users to conform to inconvenient dimensions and higher costs.

The crossover walkaway system uses minimal Pre-Engineered components that are easily connected to other members to produce endless shapes and configurations quickly.

AdaptaStep is the simple and cost-effective fix for access problems challenges. Installation is simple and requires no specialist tools or machinery. Both lightweight and modular, it can be used in areas with limited access or in tight spaces and can be configured to gain safe access over obstructions like pipes, conveyors and ducting, around machinery, between levels and across voids. 

Saves time and money

The prefabricated modular design eliminates the costs associated with custom fabrication, time consuming multi component assembly and inconvenient ‘cookie cutter’ dimensions.

Fully compliant

Various components are available for the stair gradient, step dimensions and handrail designs to meet all relevant OSHA , IBC and ADA standards and regulations.

Easy to assemble

All bolted connections. No onsite welding, cranes or special assembly tools needed. The handrails are quickly connected to ‘tee slot’ side rails with special ‘tee bolts’ that insert directly into the extrusion. This allows the rails to be positioned without the time consuming and inaccurate lining up typical with predrilled holes. A simple twist with a typical driver and they are locked on, or removed as required.

Limitless configurations

Easily configure the stair modular components for any size, height or shape. The AdaptaStep system is designed using aluminium extrusions that ‘nest’ into the adjacent extrusion to form long , strong horizontal spans in 4 inch increments.

Immediate quotes in real time

Quotes and drawings are auto generated in real time with Design Configuration software that allows the user to load in dimensions.

Experts available

Not sure what you need? Our design team is adept at solving complex challenges and can provide engineering support when required. A hand drawn sketch, photos and dimensions is all we need to get things going.


AdaptaStep is manufactured in three standard access modules that can be configured to suit almost any application and industry. Combine AdaptaStep with our pre-engineered platforms and surround handrails for even greater versatility.

45 Degree Stair Module

  • 9.5 inch tread length, 9.5 inch height between steps
  • Ribbed and perforated steps
  • Handrails bolt to sides of the stair
  • Available in 1 to 9 step configurations

70 Degree Ladder Module

  • Typical step height is 12 inches, 70 degree gradient
  • Includes 2 handrails which bolt to the sides of the ladder
  • 2 standard widths: 3ft and 4ft
  • Available in 1 to 15 rung configurations

90 Degree Vertical Ladder Module

  • Typical rung spacing 12 inches
  • Includes 2 handrails which bolt to the sides of the ladder
  • 2 standard widths: 3ft and 4ft
  • Available in 1 to 11 rung configurations


Notes: Many other configurations are available — contact SafeSmart Access. Guardrails provided to suit stair design.


Platform and step extrusions

Nesting shape design for added strength and fast thread bolts for quick attachment. Available in 4”and 9.5” widths.

Structural support extrusion

No need to drill holes. Quick-attach handrails easily attach to any point along the tee slot with off-the-shelf fasteners or SafeSmart Tee bolts. Two tee slot extrusion shapes are available for clear spans of up to 20ft.

Pre-formed powder coated handrail panels

Easily join panels together for continuous protection with up to 8ft spans between posts. Each panel corresponds to the platform and step dimensions for easy and safe assembly.

Stair mounting plate

The mounting plate joins effortlessly into the tee slot stair plate. The structure of the plate enables the tee bolt to be easily inserted and fastened while the Tee Slot extrusions avoid interference with the handrail components.

Connection elements

The tee slot design allows for a fast and safe connection of multiple extrusions. Specially designed tee slot ridges offer extra strength and zero interference with handrail and leg placements. Easy to customize on the job site with standard aluminium cutting equipment for a no rust configurable design that will withstand the harshest of conditions.

Special hardware

Thread forming, high-tensile screws. Provides a perfect fit for extrusions up to four inches for a strong and secure connection that can be untightened and removed if necessary. Tested in full saltwater emersion for 3,000 hours with no visible signs of rust. Tee bolts. Designed especially for SafeSmart Access equipment for a quick, 90 degree twist lock within the tee slot. Perfect for securing connectors and handrail posts.



Our access specialists are here to help you find the right approach for your access needs. Simply let us know what you need and we will take care of the rest!