Case Study: ADA Access Solution & Installation

Case Study: SafeSmart Access Aluminum Installation at Holly Hill, FL

Project Overview

SafeSmart Access undertook a project in Holly Hill, FL, to enhance safety and accessibility for a residential building situated in a marine environment. The existing steel stairs and access structures had significantly deteriorated due to corrosion, posing safety risks to residents. The project involved replacing these structures with durable, non-corroding aluminum solutions designed to withstand the specific challenges of the location.


  • Corrosion in Marine Environment: The coastal setting had caused the existing steel structures to corrode, making them unsafe for use.
  • Compliance and Safety: Ensuring all installations were ADA compliant and met the safety standards for residential access.
  • Minimizing Disruption: The project required careful planning to avoid unnecessary roof penetrations and to reuse existing connections and foundations to minimize impact on the building structure and residents.





Solutions Provided

  • Aluminum Structures: All installations were carried out using high-quality, non-corroding mill finish aluminum. This material choice was critical in countering the marine-induced corrosion that had affected the previous steel structures.
  • Comprehensive Replacement: SafeSmart Access provided the following aluminum installations:
    • ADA Compliant Roof Access Stairs from level 1 to level 3, ensuring safe and compliant access throughout the building.
    • 22′ Caged Ladder, enhancing access safety to higher levels, crucial for maintenance and emergency situations.
    • Roof Catwalk with Handrails on Both Sides, providing a secure and stable means of accessing different parts of the roof.


  • Removal and Replacement: The project included the careful removal of the existing corroded steel rails and the installation of the new aluminum structures.
  • Waterproofing and Structural Integrity: Any roof penetrations required as part of the installation process were designed to be minimal. Where necessary, the responsibility for waterproofing was clearly defined to be handled by others, ensuring that the installation focused on structural integrity and compliance without causing additional issues.
  • Use of Existing Infrastructure: By reusing existing connections and foundations, SafeSmart Access minimized structural disruptions and leveraged the building’s current assets to ensure a cost-effective and efficient installation process.
  • Documentation and Compliance: The project was supported by comprehensive shop drawings with Florida stamp calculations included, ensuring that all work was compliant with local building codes and regulations.
  • Full Installation by SafeSmart Crew: The entire installation process, from the initial dismantling of the corroded steel structures to the installation of the new aluminum access solutions, was expertly handled by SafeSmart’s own skilled crew. This ensured that all aspects of the project were conducted with the highest standards of workmanship and adherence to safety and compliance regulations.


The installation of non-corroding aluminum stairs, ladders, and catwalks significantly improved the safety and durability of the building’s access points. By choosing materials and designs suited to the marine environment, SafeSmart Access ensured long-term reliability and maintenance savings for the building management. The project was executed with minimal disruption to residents and highlighted SafeSmart Access’s capability in providing tailored, compliant, and effective access solutions in challenging environments.

This case study exemplifies SafeSmart Access’s commitment to safety, compliance, and client satisfaction in delivering high-quality access solutions tailored to the specific needs of the environment and the client.



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