Case Study: AdjustaStairs at the Chargers Training Facility

Project Overview

The Los Angeles Chargers are establishing a cutting-edge team headquarters and training facility in El Segundo, California, designed by Gensler. This 14-acre campus, near Los Angeles International Airport, includes state-of-the-art amenities aimed at boosting player and team performance.Among the significant highlights of the facility are its accessibility and modern design, which ensure it stands out as a premier sports training complex in the region.

Facility Highlights

The new facility boasts a 143,500 square-foot main building, three natural grass fields, and comprehensive player-focused amenities including a two-lane lap pool, expansive outdoor terrace, and a sophisticated eSports gaming area. The entire setup is aimed at promoting the best training and rehabilitation conditions for the athletes.

Additionally, the integration of advanced technology and thoughtful design elements make it a beacon of modern sports architecture.


The complex nature of this large-scale construction project, with its multiple levels and intricate infrastructure, required a solution that provided seamless accessibility and ensured top-tier safety standards for all workers on site.


PCL Construction, recognizing the need for reliable and flexible access solutions, chose to incorporate AdjustaStairs into the construction process. AdjustaStairs are innovative, adjustable stairs that can be easily tailored to fit varying heights and locations within the construction site, providing a safe and flexible solution.

This decision was driven by the need to maintain a dynamic workflow and ensure safety without compromising the pace of development.

Technical Insights on AdjustaStairs

AdjustaStairs are designed to address the unique challenges of construction sites. Here’s a closer look at their technical specifications and advantages:

  • Adaptability: The stairs can be adjusted to heights ranging from 3ft to 30ft, accommodating various construction stages and terrain irregularities.
  • Construction: Made from industrial-grade, lightweight aluminum, these stairs are not only easy to move but also robust enough to handle the heavy foot traffic of a construction site.
  • Compliance: They meet global safety standards, including OSHA and EN standards, ensuring they are a reliable choice for any site.
  • User-centric Design: Features such as anti-slip treads and ergonomic railings enhance safety and usability under all working conditions.


  1. Conducting a detailed site analysis to determine the most effective placements for the AdjustaStairs.
  2. Strategic installation at key points around the site to enhance accessibility and efficiency.
  3. Ongoing adjustments and reconfigurations of the stair placements as the construction site evolves, ensuring continued accessibility and safety.


The implementation of AdjustaStairs significantly contributed to keeping the construction of the Chargers training facility on schedule. The flexible design and safety features of the stairs helped to minimize downtime and maintain high safety standards, ultimately leading to a smooth and efficient construction process.

This successful integration has set a benchmark for future construction projects within the sports facility sector.

Photo Credit: Mike Nowak, Ty Nowell – Los Angeles Chargers

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