Innovating Access Solutions: Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) Catwalk

Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) in Portland is a key player in healthcare, research, and education in the Pacific Northwest. Known for its advanced medical services and specialization in fields like cancer treatment, neuroscience, and cardiovascular health, OHSU is not just a healthcare provider but a hub for patient-centered, multidisciplinary treatment approaches.

Beyond healthcare, OHSU stands out as a center for cutting-edge biomedical research and education. It fosters innovation in areas such as genetics and regenerative medicine while training the next generation of healthcare professionals through its robust academic programs in medicine, nursing, dentistry, and pharmacy. This combination of patient care, research, and education makes OHSU a cornerstone of health and science advancement in Portland.

Project Background

The project involved designing and implementing an access walkway platform to facilitate safe and efficient maintenance of OHSU’s application. The primary challenge was to provide access to the top of the application, which was difficult to reach using standard ladders or by climbing on top of the application during maintenance. The client wanted to ensure they took the right steps to provide their team with safe access.

Onsite Access Challenges Identified

OHSU reached out to SafeSmart Access with a height access challenge – their tanks and piping back into the building didn’t have sufficient access to the area. SafeSmart sprung into action and performed a full site measure-up and produced complete scans and designs of the area to the client.

The project presented several challenges, including:

  • Ensuring safe access to the top of the application without compromising the integrity of the system.
  • Overcoming the limitations of standard ladders and climbing methods.
  • Integrating the access walkway platform with the existing application infrastructure.

OHSU at the time of measureup

SafeSmart Access onsite consultants measured and scanned the area, returning a full design and concept drawings to OHSU post site visit.


Solutions by SafeSmart

In collaboration with OHSU, multiple solutions were considered to address the existing constraints. The AdaptaStep system was chosen due to its versatile and modular nature, allowing for a tailored solution that fit perfectly with the existing conditions. AdaptaStep’s lightweight, high-strength modular system offers limitless configurations, making it ideal for complex environments. Its simple assembly process, requiring no specialist tools or machinery, ensured a quick and cost-effective installation.

AdaptaStep Design Produced Post Onsite Measureup

SafeSmart was then able to produce a full project proposal, including AdaptaStep designs, installation quotes, and full commercial quotes within 2 business days of the original onsite measureup.

Key Outcomes

The installation of the AdaptaStep access walkway platform has markedly improved the safety and efficiency of maintenance operations at OHSU. The system provides:

  • A stable and secure method to access the application’s top, significantly reducing accident and injury risks.
  • Minimal disruption to ongoing operations, ensuring maintenance tasks are completed effectively and on time.
  • Cost savings and time efficiency, thanks to its prefabricated modular design, which eliminates the need for custom fabrication and extensive assembly.

The success of the access walkway platform project demonstrates our ability to understand complex challenges and develop innovative, practical solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients. By working collaboratively with OHSU, we were able to deliver a solution that enhances the safety, efficiency, and overall performance of their application.


After Sales Support & Installation 

From the onset, we work closely with clients to align with specific timeframes and requirements. Understanding the critical importance of deadlines, Safesmart Access coordinates meticulously with site managers to ensure that installations are conducted within the agreed-upon timelines. Their project management approach involves regular updates and collaborative planning, which helps in mitigating any unforeseen delays and ensuring that the project progresses smoothly without compromising on efficiency.

Safety is paramount in every Safesmart Access installation. The company upholds rigorous safety protocols to protect both their team and the client’s site personnel throughout the installation process. Before any work begins, Safesmart Access conducts thorough risk assessments and site inspections to identify potential hazards and implement appropriate safety measures. Their installation teams are highly trained in compliance with the latest health and safety regulations, ensuring that every step of the installation is carried out with the highest standards of safety in mind. This attention to detail in safety not only minimizes the risk of accidents but also instills confidence among site personnel and stakeholders.

The installation of AdaptaStep systems by Safesmart Access is not only safe and timely but also minimally disruptive. They employ advanced techniques and tools that streamline the installation process, allowing them to work swiftly without interrupting the daily operations of the site. Their teams are known for their professionalism and ability to adapt to different working environments, ensuring that the presence of installation activities is barely noticeable. This efficiency and speed do not compromise the quality of installation; instead, they enhance the overall client satisfaction by delivering superior, reliable results quickly and discreetly. Safesmart Access’s commitment to excellence is evident in their swift, safe, and seamless installations, making them a top choice for clients needing expert installation services.

Key Features of SafeSmart's Installation Capabilities

Expertise Across Industries

SafeSmart’s installation capabilities extend across various industries, including construction, industrial, energy, manufacturing, and more. This diverse expertise allows SafeSmart to adapt its services to the unique requirements and challenges of each sector.

Comprehensive Services

SafeSmart offers end-to-end installation solutions, encompassing project planning, site assessment, equipment setup, system integration, and final testing. This comprehensive approach ensures seamless execution and minimizes disruptions to ongoing operations.

Safety First

Safety is a top priority for SafeSmart. The company adheres to strict safety protocols and standards, incorporating risk assessments, safety training, and the use of advanced safety equipment. This commitment to safety reduces the potential for accidents and creates a secure work environment.

Skilled Workforce

SafeSmart boasts a highly skilled workforce comprising certified technicians, engineers, project managers, and specialists. This team’s collective expertise enables them to handle complex installations, adapt to evolving technologies, and deliver exceptional results.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Staying at the forefront of technological advancements, SafeSmart utilizes state-of-the-art tools, equipment, and software for its installations. This technology-driven approach enhances efficiency, accuracy, and the overall quality of the installation process.

Custom Solutions

SafeSmart recognizes that every installation project is unique. The company collaborates closely with clients to understand their specific requirements and tailor solutions that align with their goals and expectations.

Project Management Excellence

Effective project management is integral to successful installations. SafeSmart employs a robust project management framework, encompassing scope definition, timeline management, resource allocation, and proactive issue resolution.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal for SafeSmart. The company fosters open communication, provides transparent progress updates, and seeks feedback from clients to continually enhance its services.

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