External Destination Display/Baffle Installation Access Platform


External Destination Display/Baffle Installation Access Platform

Large work area, with a cantilever that allows the user to reach right to the work area over the front of the train and coupler. Stair compliant access allows the users to carry tools and parts to and from the working area.

  • High platform for accessing train passenger doors
  • Foam buffering for damage prevention
  • Wide platform for access
  • Wind down jacks for levelling
  • Raised and swaged decking for grip in harsh conditions
  • Heavy duty box section structure for optimal and robust performance

The external destination display/baffle installation access platform, is used when manufacturing trains. However, this can also be suitable for completing maintenance tasks and other applications. With a large cantilevered work area which allows the platform to provide access to difficult to reach areas.

Additionally, the stair compliant access provides an easy means of access to the work area while carrying tools and parts due to not having to maintain 3 points of contact. Complete with triple wheel castors to allow for the ease of movement across rail tracks and wind down jacks for the levelling/braking of the platform. The self-closing gates are locked with an internal sleeve latch that provides a fully enclosed platform when locked, with the strength of the 63″W gate conforming to the loading required by the standard.

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