Mobile Coupler Access Platform


Mobile Coupler Access Platform

Being a mobile and reversible arrangement the platform can be used anywhere along the length of the maintenance roads, and if the roads are consistent, the platform can also be used across multiple maintenance roads.

Dimensions: 5'8"H x 40"W x 7'2"L
  • The mobile coupler access platform allows a large work area for any maintenance task that need to be carried out on the train coupler.
  • The platform consists of 3 sections, 2 outer access platforms, and a centre unit.
  • The platform is mobile and self supporting and can therefore be used in an facility.
    The platforms are design to be able to be reversed so that the stair accessway can be pointing in either direction. Additionally, the handrails are connected to the platform via a hand-tightened expanding spigot, allowing them to be very simply removed and replaced. When removed, storage locations on the outer access platforms are provided to ensure they are misplaced.
  • Foam buffering is positioned on the underside of the platform to protect against head strikes when the maintenance team are passing underneath the centre bridge.
  • A fibreglass deck was delivered to guard against touch potential, however pending the facility, a aluminium plate decking can also be provided.

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