Platforma – Fiberglass

Platforma – Fiberglass

SKU: 15TPLF03-05
Platforma Ladders: 3-5 Step Ladder, Platforma
  • Platform Height: 2'9"-4'8"
  • Overall Ladder Length: 6'2"-7'10"
  • Load Rating: 300lbs
  • SKU: 15TPLF04-07
    Platforma Ladders: 4-7 Step Ladder, Platforma
  • Platform Height: 3'9"-6'7"
  • Overall Ladder Length: 7'5"-10'3"
  • Load Rating: 300lbs
  • SKU: 15TPLF05-09
    Platforma Ladders: 5-9 Step Ladder, Platforma
  • Platform Height: 4'8"-8'6"
  • Overall Ladder Length: 8'2"-11'5"
  • Load Rating: 300lbs
  • The Platforma Ladder is the safe alternative to step ladders. With its large adjustable platform and secure handrail with three contact points, it makes working at heights easy. You can even use it on uneven surfaces like steps. Feature-by-feature, there’s no other ladder that even comes close.


    • Saves the hassle of A-frames and trestles; save the bulk weight and hassle with one light-weight ladder that can do it all
    • Platform height adjust in seconds, and can be moved effortlessly for a safe and sturdy work area
    • Non-conductive fiberglass gives all the strength of an aluminum ladder but at much less weight
    • Works on uneven ground and steps with its large rubber feet providing extra grip
    • Large handrails with 3 points of contact for added safety
    • The ladder can safely hold up to 300 lbs – strong enough for all your applications
    • Up to 4 ladder models in one unit, no need to keep 4 different ladders to reach a range of heights
    • Meets OSHA Standards, complies with A14.5-2107 ANSI ASC

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