Powermaster Extension Ladder - FED

Powermaster Extension Ladder – FED

Powermaster Extension Ladder - FED

Powermaster Extension Ladder – FED
    • Fibreglass stiles ensure workers are isolated from the ground, making the product suitable for electrical work
    • Lightweight & effortless to deploy
    • Flat D rungs provide safety & comfort to the worker

Strongbox construction results in a dramatic reduction in twist & sway
  • Branach latch or conventional latch available
  • Weather resistant
  • Swivel foot maximises grip on uneven ground

SKU: 210350
Fibreglass - FED (3.9 - 6.4m)
  • OSHA Compliant
  • Closed Length - 13'
  • Extended Length - 21'
SKU: 210351
Fibreglass - FED (4.5 - 7.6m)
  • OSHA Compliant
  • Closed Length - 15'
  • Extended Length - 25'
SKU: 210352
Fibreglass - FED (17' - 29')
  • OSHA Compliant
  • Closed Length - 17'
  • Extended Length - 29'

The first-choice extension ladder for emergency services and utilities companies. Made in Australia, the Powermaster FED features fibreglass construction—rails and stiles—which makes it suitable for electrical work. And even at full extension, the strong box construction greatly reduces twist and sway.

For application versatility, the ladder features swivel feet and gravel spikes, for stability on non-paved ground. The ‘D’ rungs are non-slip, and the ladder is easily extended and retracted with a spring rope. With a 330lbs weight rating, complies to OSHA Standards and superior weather-resistance, the Power master FED comes in a variance of models, from 12’9″/21′ to 16’8″/28’10” (closed/extended) options.

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