Train Windscreen Access Platform


Train Windscreen Access Platform

Stair compliant access allows the user to carry tools and parts to/from the work area efficiently.

  • Allows easy and safe access to repair, remove and replace the train windscreen, headlights and wipers.
  • Adjustable version available to allow access to external destination display.
  • 45 degree access to allow tools and components to be carried onto the platform.
  • Platform edge profile fitted precisely to the front of the train to ensure no unsafe gaps.
  • Foam rubber buffering to ensure no damage to the train when in use.

A fixed height windscreen access platform with a profiled leading edge that allows a precise fit to the train ensuring no gaps.
The work area is a large platform allowing for placing tooling and parts as required when completing the windscreen replacement.
Foam buffers on the leading edge protect the train when in use.
The guardrails near the leading edge are sloped to ensure no gap to the train.

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