Revolutionizing Offshore Rig Safety with Custom 70-Step AdjustaStairs


The Custom 70-Step AdjustaStairs on an Offshore Oil Rig: A Testament to SafeSmart Access Innovation

Amidst the demanding operations off the coast of Louisiana, an offshore oil rig has become the latest showcase for SafeSmart Access’s commitment to height access safety and efficiency. The deployment of a custom 70-step AdjustaStairs system is not just an upgrade; it’s a revolutionary step forward in how industries manage safe access in variable and often hazardous environments.

The Challenge of Offshore Accessibility

Offshore oil rigs are a marvel of modern engineering, yet they pose unique challenges for those working on them. Traditional means of access, often rigid and inflexible, struggle to meet the dynamic needs of such operations. Changing sea conditions, variable deck heights, and the necessity for rapid deployment and adjustment demand solutions that are as flexible as they are reliable.

SafeSmart Access: Innovating for Safety and EfficiencyEnter SafeSmart Access, a leader in designing, manufacturing, and distributing portable and static height access products. Serving a diverse array of industries from construction to defense, SafeSmart Access understands the critical need for safety and efficiency in temporary height access. The AdjustaStairs system, a patented invention, embodies this understanding, providing OSHA-compliant, portable stairs that can be installed anywhere in just five minutes, without the need for specialist tools or knowledge.

Custom 70-Step AdjustaStairs: Beyond a SolutionThe custom 70-step AdjustaStairs developed for the offshore oil rig off the coast of Louisiana is a testament to SafeSmart Access’s ability to deliver innovative solutions tailored to the most challenging environments. Engineered to withstand the rigors of the marine setting, these stairs ensure safe, efficient access and egress between the rig’s various levels, significantly enhancing operational flow and safety protocols.

A Collaborative Design Process

The development of the custom AdjustaStairs was a collaborative effort. Working closely with the oil rig’s operational team, SafeSmart Access identified the unique requirements and challenges of the site. This collaborative approach ensured that the final product was not only fit for purpose but exceeded expectations in terms of durability, flexibility, and safety.

SafeSmart Access’s Five Points to Success

Our collaboration with the client in implementing these solutions on the offshore oil rig was guided by SafeSmart Access’s five-point approach to ensure project success:

1. Scoping
We initiated the project with an exhaustive scoping phase, aiming to understand the rig’s operational challenges, environmental conditions, and the specific tasks being undertaken. This thorough understanding helped in designing solutions that are not only effective but are also perfectly aligned with the rig’s unique requirements.

2. Solution
Upon identifying the needs, we presented the AdjustaStairs solution to key stakeholders, highlighting how its features expedite tasks, reduce risks, and improve overall operational efficiency. This stage was crucial in ensuring that the solution was fit-for-purpose and met all operational and safety requirements.

3. Proposal
Following the solution presentation, we provided a detailed proposal that included comprehensive product specifications, a commercial quote, and an outline of the product’s features and benefits. This allowed for a final review and approval process, ensuring clarity and consensus on the solution’s efficacy.

4. Delivery
Our commitment extended to delivering the AdjustaStairs fully assembled, adhering to the limitations set by transport logistics, and supporting on-site installation to ensure swift deployment and minimize operational delays.

5. Support

Understanding the rigors of the environments in which our products operate, we ensure that our solutions are built robustly and come with through-life support. Our approach eliminates dependencies on external supply chains by stocking a comprehensive range of spare parts, ensuring we are always ready to support our products’ longevity and reliability.

Impact on Safety and Operational Efficiency

The installation of the AdjustaStairs system has marked a significant improvement in the rig’s safety record and operational efficiency. The flexibility of the stairs, allowing for quick adjustments to accommodate varying deck heights and sea conditions, has minimized downtime and enhanced the flow of operations. Moreover, the system’s portability means it can be quickly re-deployed to different parts of the rig as needed, maximizing its utility and return on investment.

Setting New Industry Standards

The success of the custom 70-step AdjustaStairs on the offshore oil rig is setting new standards for safety and efficiency in height access across industries. It demonstrates SafeSmart Access’s commitment to innovation and its ability to meet the complex needs of modern industrial operations. As industries continue to evolve, the flexibility, safety, and efficiency of height access solutions like AdjustaStairs will become increasingly vital.


The custom 70-step AdjustaStairs system installed on an offshore oil rig off the coast of Louisiana is more than just an improvement to the rig’s infrastructure; it’s a bold statement on the future of safe and efficient height access. SafeSmart Access, through its innovative AdjustaStairs system, is leading the way in providing solutions that meet the challenging and ever-changing needs of industries worldwide. As we move forward, the importance of such innovations in maintaining safety and enhancing operational efficiency cannot be understated.

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