Clip-on Truck Edge Protection Panel

Truck Edge Protection Guardrail

Clip-on Truck Edge Protection Panel

Truck Edge Protection Guardrail
  • Complies with AS 1657: 2018 standards
  • Measurements: 40"H x 8'2"L
  • 180 degree rotatable lock allows for fitment on various truck edge designs
  • Rotating block caters for different truck edge setback dimensions
  • Locking handle enables ease of tightening
  • Clamp lock ensures firm and secure placement
  • Light weight design - 33lbss
SKU: 210877
Truck Edge Protection Guardrail
Measurements: 40"H x 8'2"L

The guardrail is attached to the side of the truck by passing the clamp lock block between the tie rail and the body of the deck. Pivot the block into the vertical position behind the tie rail and rotate the base block into the best position to support the frame against the tie rail and side of the deck. Firmly tighten the handle to activate the clamp.

Add further guardrails adjacent to each other along the side of the vehicle as required.

Vehicle access Portable Stairs or Super Maintenance Platforms with ‘wings’ can be used in conjunction with the Truck Edge Protection Guardrail to access the bed of the vehicle.

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