Cantilevered Scaffolds

Cantilevered Scaffolds

  • The high capacity of the double-bolt standards, along with the load-bearing braces and node-to- node connection, means that with Proscaf large, suspended scaffold structures can be built without the requirement of additional material. No splicing or support beams needed!
  • Load bearing braces allow for cantilevered or suspended bays to be progressively installed, safely from behind a work deck or handrails.
  • The higher capacity of braces and other components allows for larger cantilevered spans without non-system components being used for support.
  • Rated harness attachment points are used as an added safeguard to ensure user safety.
  • In design, all scaffolds are inherently crane liftable – building at ground level and lifting modules into position can reduce cost and minimise working at height risk.

The locking connection of the Proscaf wedge head, and the high-load bearing components, will allow you to build cantilevered and spurred structures with maximum efficiency. Thanks to the superior brace capacities, long span cantilevers are achievable without using any other ancillary or secondary parts or systems.

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